Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Enterprise Grade BD-R discs

We now are a supplier of the 25GB, 50Gb and 100GB archive blu-ray’s created by MKM which stands for Mitsubishi Kagaku Media

Product Characteristics

Blu-ray recording mark

Enterprise Grade BD-R for Archive uses Mitsubishi Kagaku Media’s own Metal Ablative Layer (MABL) technology. It is one of the most stable recording layer materials due to its use of ablation to create recording marks, making it suitable for long term storage.

The label side can be given a variety of finishes depending on its intended use, including a high quality printable finish suitable for professional applications.

Long-term storage stability of over 200 years

According to evaluation results in ADTC (Archive Disc Test Center – NPO Entity), the estimated lifetime of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media’s Enterprise Grade BD-R 50GB and 100GB Archive Model has been calculated as over 200 years in 25degC/50%RH environment

Variation in the lifetime of individual media will, in general, follow the probability distribution shown in the diagram to the lower right. In order to reduce the risk of data becoming unreadable earlier than anticipated, our Enterprise Grade BD-R for Archive is manufactured at our own company factory, and each lot is subjected to validation through accelerated aging tests. Only discs that have passed test criteria tighter than those for normal products are shipped.

bluray aging test result

Blu-ray specifications