Software development

We developed various other software solutions that give assistance with resolving our customers dilemmas in their corporation.

Under Car Detection System

Storage Quality Solutions has developed an access control system software (ACS) on top of Global-Disks UCDSystem. The UCDSystem is a product that captures images of each vehicle driving over a threshold. Task of StorageQS was developing a user interface making it possible to control the UCDSystems hardware.

Main purpose of the application is to store all data well structured, add additional data and make it searchable. From that point users can request specific registration details and watch the captured videos.

This combination makes it possible to retain your access policies.


  • Military
  • High secure locations
  • Border controls

Warehouse Management Software

This software solution gives you an easy to work with overview of your automated warehouse. There are numerous amount of features to real-time monitor, controlling and tracking pallets in your warehouses.

With features like:
  • Dashboard overview gives a summary of warehouse operations and performance
  • Warehouse maps show real-time movement of pallets
  • Real-time progress can be monitored for all in-progress outbound orders
  • Operators can resolve the exception by indicating exactly what happened to the pallet
Warehouse Management Software Dashboard