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Cold archive for 100 years

Prognosis TCO for archiving on Blu-ray

For a timespan of 5 years

Total data amount to be archived

Average of TB each year

Duration of data retention in years




One 50TB Mediakit costs 4.650 euro. Maintainance on hardware/software is 4.200 euro a year.
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Case example

An organization generates 100TB of data in a year. Most of this data is not needed for daily work processes. This kind of data occupies the data storage for a around 90%. The organization now uses Blu-ray to store data that they don’t need online but needs to be available for safety or legal reasons for the next 25 years. After 5 years the organization archived 500TB, which is stored without energy use or migrations. Normal media needs migration after around 5 years. With the high quality of the Blu-ray discs from Panasonic or Mitsubishi Kagaku Media that is not necessary anymore.

The costs of 1TB over 25 years is now 8.41 Euro instead of 42.06 Euro over 5 years.

Check your price

Curious about the costs you can save by archiving your data to Blu-ray? Specify how much data you are planning to archive in the next 5 years and the retention time of you archive data in years. The calculator calculates the expected costs using Archiveware software and Blu-ray media.