Warehouse Management Software

Keep the warehouse operations and performance under control with our software that offers a real-time monitor to control and track pallets in your warehouse.

  • The dashboard view gives a quick summary of warehouse operations and performance
    • Total number of pallets, orders in/out and free locations
    • Pallets processed in the past 24 hours
    • Actual warehouse level status
  • Additional key performance indicators can be displayed here
  • Warehouse maps show real-time movement of pallets
  • For each pallet, its current position, next position and ultimate destination are shown
  • Irregularities in the transport flow, such as unknown or blocking pallets are clearly shown, allowing operators to take immediate action
  • If the system detects an inconsistency in processing, such as a missing or unexpected pallet, an exception is raised immediately
  • Operators can resolve the exception by indicating exactly what happened to the pallet
  • This keeps mismatches between the physical warehouse and the logical representation in the database to a minimum, which is critical for reliable operation
  • Manual entry of batches allows assignment of best-before dates etc.
  • Batches can also be automatically created based on warehouse ingestion date or interfacing with production systems (basically any external database or service)
  • Pallet labels are printed based on batches; label-less automatic product detection (using cameras) may also be possible
  • Real-time progress can be monitored for all in-progress outbound orders
  • Pending pallets can be cancelled if no longer required
  • Delivered pallets can be returned to the warehouse with one click, automatically printing a new label if required
  • As with inbound orders, outbound orders can be automatically created based on the contents of an external database (e.g. an existing accounting system)
  • If additional information is required for the order, this can be entered through the warehouse management system interface before the order is approved
  • If required, orders can be created entirely manually as well
  • Pallets which are part of a batch containing a product requiring a quarantine period are automatically held by the system
  • Additionally, QA operators can manually hold (parts of) certain product batches
  • Once on QA hold, batches can be released or rejected (automatically removed from the warehouse)
  • The system also shows total per-product warehouse inventory
    • Available for outbound delivery
    • Held for QA reasons (e.g. quarantine)
  • Color-coding clearly shows the age of the products, allowing operators to prioritize removal of older pallets if required
  • In addition to logging key events during operation, the system also offers Excel reports
    • Inventory (stock levels and aging)
    • Inbound and outbound orders
    • Processing exceptions
  • Reporting data can also be summarized and automatically exported to an external system (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics NAV)