Under Car Detection System

This unique detection system provides an easier way to inspect beneath vehicles at your gate, the ideal addition to current security protocols.

Security checks under cars with inspection mirrors are time consuming. This method is limited due poor sight and need well trained personnel to complete the security checks. This unique detection system is developed to provide an easier way to view underneath a vehicle. The system makes it easier to spot irregularities.

While designing the “Under Car Detection System” our aim was to make it approachable for a broad amount of security personnel. The system should be easy to implemented into existing environments.

After a year of research and testing we create a threshold with four HD camera’s and Led lights in it to make a scan of the undercarriage of any vehicle. The threshold can be installed onto the tarmac or concrete and one extra camera can be added for an overview.

“UCDS” is an ideal preventive measure for large corporations, hotels and factories to detect abnormalities.

blue car drives over threshold


Basic software

The solution can build up to the needs of the customer. The software is the only mandatory component and from there you can make a choice which security devices you want. This makes the solution for everyone that simply want to use the vehicle registration feature for check-in or needs to have a license plate reader with 99% accuracy.


This component is what makes the “Under car detection system” unique. This component is the threshold with four HD camera’s in it, four led lights and a vehicle detector. You can connect this to your system box though pipes, these are included in the package.

Overview camera

This is a HD IR camera that can be used to give a wide overview of the gate and all vehicle passing this. You can also use this without a threshold for check-in and check-out.

License plate camera

When you want to have a automatically recognizer for license plates you can choose to include a special camera for this. This camera reads the license plates, detect the color and identify the logo on a vehicle.
The recognition of these ANPR cameras are up to 99%. A user can see the Image and correct the license plate in the software when needed.

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The threshold can be mounted on every hard surface like concrete or tarmac. This means there is nog digging involved with the installation. The cables are connect from the threshold to the control box though a pipe. Because of this easy installation it is possible to install the threshold on an existing entrance within hours.
Our software is designed to make it easy to operate for every level of user. With minimal to no training at all your security employees will be able to use this system.
Our software is designed to be plug and play!

The software can registers license plates and adds them to the images made of the vehicle. The property data of vehicles is optional or mandatory and this can be edited by a manager. For example: The color of the car, the number of kilometers/miles, number of passengers, check-in and check-out time.

Multiple users can use the software at the same time. Users are assigned to a role like gatekeeper, security officer or manager. Each of these roles have the own tasks and restrictions in the software.
The manager role is able to adjust the software to the need of the organization. New lists and forms can be create simply by following a setup wizard.

A manager can create lists with rejected cars or allowed cars, customers, employees and suppliers. These custom list then give guidelines to gatekeepers and security staff. The system can be used as a access restrictions which helps against parking problems and unwanted vehicles.

All collected data such as, the full vehicle scan and processed data are stored in a database. This data is easy accessible and can be used to perform complex analyzes. These analyzes can be easily displayed in a report and exported to MS excel.

The collected data can be centralized and used for analyses in automatically or custom generate reports. This way you can keep track of your own car park or even check deliveries from suppliers.

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