Untill recently there was no standard solution for storing your blu-ray archive sets. Early 2014 Storage Quality Solutions came with an archive cabinet for storing and managing these archive sets. Each unit can store up to 446 blu-ray sets. By managing your archive sets in the Archive-Disk software, each archive will be located in no-time. The Archive-Disk solution got knowledge of the cabinet numbers, sides and levels of each archive set.

This moveable filing cabinet has been developed especially for efficient transport and long-term storage of your Blu-ray archive sets. By placing your labeled disk boxes in the cabinet in archival sequence, you can always retrieve your data easily and quickly. The dimensions of the cabinet are optimized for quick filing and retrieval, and the special transport safeguard ensures that all disk boxes remain in place during shipping. Every cabinet is accessible from two sides in order to optimize space usage, and multiple cabinets can be placed right next to each other to store the maximum number of archive sets per square feet.

  • 450 archive sets per filing cabinet: up to 5400 Blu-ray disks
  • Labels on all archive sets remain human and machine readable, enabling the quick retrieval of the right data
  • The cabinet is easy to move in all conditions due to the built-in grips and transport safeguard