Archive blu-ray media kit 100GB

The media bundle contains a number of Blu-ray covers and printing supplies so you can archive and store 50TB of your data.

contents of the kit

This archive blu-ray kit includes the following products.

  • 1 spindle (25 discs) 100GB blu-ray
  • 1 case


Special blu-ray cases will help you keep your serveral blu-rays from the same archive together. Each case can hold upto 12 blu-rays. To identify the case, you can stick a label on the back of the case. This label contains text that helps you to identify the archive and a barcode which helps you finding a specific archive by scanning all barcodes with a barcode scanner.


The use of the right blu-ray is very important for you to ensure the data retention. We have, therefore, a number of certified blu-rays that can be used in the Archiveware solution.


  • MKM 11231231


  • MKM 11231231