LTA Petablock Light

Scalable online archive storage appliance for small and medium enterprises

Regular package

The Petablock light is a solution designed for small and medium enterprises to start with archiving there data. With the software features such as encryption, key management, data protection and advanced data search it makes managing data easy and reliable.
  • Scaling up to 480Terabyte in a 10U
  • Archive 1 Terabyte a day
  • Replication to multiple GEO locations
  • No rebuilding of RAID sets (17+6+1)
  • Use of archival hard disks
  • One-click Disk Migrations

Price: € 29.500,00


Expansion unit

The expansion unit is easily connected to the petablock light solution. With up to 4 expansion units connected, it is possible to store 480TB of data.
  • Net 96TB of storage, Gross 68TB of storage
  • Height: 2U
  • Redundant powersupply

Price: € 14.500,00


Full Petablock Light

The full version
  • Net 480TB of storage, Gross 340TB of storage
  • Total height: 10U
  • Redundant powersupply
  • Windows 2012R2

Price: € 87.500,00


Overview of features

Data protection

The disks in the enclosures are checked for reliability during each transfer cycle. When a disk produces errors we move the data we can still read on that disk to another disk and mark the broken disk for replacement. When we disk is completly broken we mark this disk for replacement. When the disk is replace we build back the data from the other disk like in Raid. We know exactly the data that is stored on the disk and can prioritize which archive sets we first want to restore, this depents on the parity level.


When you for example want to migrate disks from 2TB Seagete to 4TB Hitachi you simply mark the first 10 disks for migration. The next cycle the petablock is online we write all data to other disks and give the user an alert to replace the disks. When the new 4TB disks are online we write back the data and you can migrate the next 10 disks. This make the data migration automaticly, save and fast for replacing or expanding of your offline storage.

Data searchable

When archiving your data all the properties from every file and folder is indexed and saved into a database. This database is kept online and makes it possible to search though your offline data. When finding a file or folder you can simply see which archive set this belngs to and do a request to get the data back online on the next cycle.

Data gathering

The software is able to collect data manually or automatically with an advanced scheduling manager. The gathering can be from a local or network(CIFS) data source, including from a remote (WAN) source. Gathering of data can be incremental, for example when you want to archive the output of a document management system. The data can be collected on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly base.