The StorTrends 3500i is the industry’s first SSD Hybrid/Full Flash Array that employs SSD Caching, SSD Tiering, and Automatically Tuned Volumes (ATV) within a single device. The 3500i can be configured as a Full Flash Array consisting of (16) SSDs, or a Hybrid Flash Array with either (2), (4) or (6) SSDs backfilled with SAS/NL-SAS drives for increased capacity and performance. By combining SSD Caching with SSD Tiering, drive lifespan is significantly increased, while cold blocks are given a live latency reduction – from +10ms to sustained <3ms. The 3500i also utilizes the ATV feature, which monitors users’ data patterns to allocate the precise amount of SSD storage and performance to users’ most critical data – resulting in drastically enhanced performance and unrivaled SSD efficiency.

Leveraging over 100 storage patents and nearly 30 years of technological innovation, the 3500i is engineered for both performance and reliability. Similar to other StorTrends units, the 3500i comes preinstalled with the iTX architecture. The StorTrends iTX architecture provides all-inclusive, enterprise class features, including intelligent application aware snapshots, auto data tiering, an intuitive GUI interface, a VMware vSphere Plugin for ease of management, and a proprietary WAN Optimization engine. The StorTrends 3500i is built for excellence and offered at a competitive, all-inclusive price point, making it ideal for high performance applications (high IOPS), VDI or Cloud Storage environments.