Physical Configuration

Model ECS4610-24F
Dimension (HxWxD) cm 4.17 x 44 x 27
Fixed Ports 22 x Giga SFP + 2 x Giga combo (RJ45 / SFP) Ports
Flash Memory 64MB
Packet Buffer 0.75MB
Standalone/Stackable Standalone
Weight (kg) 3.55Kg


Model ECS4610-24F
Forwarding Rate 35.7Mpps
MAC Address Table Size 8K (include 1K static Mac table)
Switching Capacity 48Gbps

L2 Features

Model ECS4610-24F
BroadCast/Multicast Storm Control YES
Flow Control YES
IGMP Snooping IGMP Snooping v1/v2 | IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3 | IGMP Throttling | IGMP Filtering | IGMP v1/v2 querier support | IGMP Querier | IGMP Immediate Leave | IGMP SNP Leave Proxy | IGMP v1/v2/v3 Proxy | IGMP snooping v1/v2 proxy reporting
Jumbo Frame YES
Link Aggregation IEEE 802.3ad with LACP (Dynamic) | Static Trunk | Unicast / Multicast traffic Balance over Trunking port
MAC Address MAC Learning | MAC Flush
Spanning Tree IEEE 802.1D (STP) | IEEE 802.1w (RSTP) | IEEE 802.1s (MSTP) | Spanning Tree Fast Forward | BPDU Filtering | BPDU Guard | BPDU Forward | BPDU Transparent | Loopback Detection | Auto Edge Port
select QinQ YES
Storm Control Broadcast
VLAN IEEE 802.1Q Tagged Based | Private VLAN | Port Based | Voice VLAN
VLAN Group 4K

L3 Features

Model ECS4610-24F
CIDR (Class Inter-Domain Routing) YES
Dynamic arp 3840
Auto YES
IP interfaces 32
IP Redundancy VRRP RFC3768
IPv6 hardware IP routing YES
IPv6 Muticast Routing PIM-SM6
L3 IPv4 Host Table 2K
L3 IPv4 Multicast Table 1K (share with ipv6)
L3 IPv4 Net Table 512
L3 IPv6 Host Table 1K
L3 IPv6 Multicast Table 1K (share with ipv6)
L3 IPv6 Net Table 256
Multicast Routing PIM-DM | IGMP v1/v2 RFC2236 | IGMP v2/v3 proxy | IGMP v3 RFC3376 | IGMP v3 proxy | PIM-SM RFC2362
Multi-Netting YES
Static ARP 1024
Static Route YES
UDP Helper YES
Unicast Routing Equal Cost multipath routing(ECMP) | RIP v1/v2 | OSPF

QoS Features

Model ECS4610-24F
CoS IEEE 802.1p | IP Precedence | DSCP | TCP/UDP | Port Based priority | Packet Priority for CoS | Overwrite 802.1p priority
DiffServ (RFC2474) YES
Egress Rate Limiting Per Individual Port YES
Egress Rate Limiting Resolution 1Mbps
Hybrid (WRR +Strict) YES
Ingress Rate Limiting Per Individual Port YES
Ingress Rate Limiting Resolution 1Mbps
Number of pripority queue 8 queues/port
Policy Based Overwriting IP DSCP to 802.1p Priority YES
Strict Pripority scheduling YES
WRR Pripority scheduling YES

Security Features

Model ECS4610-24F
AAA Local Authentication | RADIUS authentication | RADIUS accounting | TACACS+ authentication | TACACS+ authorization
ACL Time-Based
ACL Number of Rules Giga: per port (36 rules and 67 masks)
Applied Interface Port
Dynamic ARP inspection (DAI) YES
Dynamic MAC-Based Address Security Per Port YES
HTTP and SSL (Secured Web) YES
IEEE 802.1x Port-based | MAC-based | VLAN Assignment | QoS Assignment | Guest VLAN | 802.1x Extensible Athentication (EAP) | 802.1x Multiple Host Multiple Athentication | Guest VLAN with EAP enabled on port | Multiple Host Single EAP Athentication | MAC based EAP Athentication (Clientless EAP) | RADIUS assigned VLAN in MHMA mode | EAP over LAN (EAPOL) | EAPOL frames pass-through | Auto security | Supplicant Support
MAC Based Authentication YES
MAC Filter YES
MAC Limitation per port YES
Management Access Filtering SNMP | WEB | Telnet
SSH v1.5/ v2.0 (Secured Telnet Session) YES
Static MAC-Based Address Security Per Port YES
Username/Password Authentication Local | Remote
Web authentication Per port YES

Management Features

Model ECS4610-24F
Auto Traffic Control (ATC) YES
Banner YES
Cable Diagnostic / TDR YES
Configuration Download/ Upload YES
CPU Process Utilization YES
Delay Reload YES
DHCP Client | Relay | Snooping | Option 82 | Server | Dynamics Provision
Disable Management Protocols YES
DNS Client | Proxy
Dual F/W Images YES
Event/ Error Log Local Flash | Remote Server via System Log (RFC3164) | SMTP (RFC821)
IP Clustering YES
IP Source Guard YES
MAC Based Mirror YES
Port Mirroring One to One
Remote Ping YES
Remote Switched Port Analyzer (RSPAN) YES
RFC 1213(MIB for Network Management of TCP/IP-based internets) YES
RMON RMON I (1,2,3 & 9 groups)
sFlow YES
SNMP (Agent) v1 | v2c
SNTPv4 (RFC2030) YES
Software Download/Upgrade TFTP | HTTP | FTP | Xmodem / Ymodem
Syslog YES
Telnet Client | Server
Traceroute YES
VLAN Mirror No
Web-based GUI YES

IPv6 Features

Model ECS4610-24F
6 to 4 tunnel YES
Hardware Enabled YES
HTTP over IPv6 YES
ICMPv6 Redirect (Host) YES
InterFace status YES
IPv4/IPv6 Dual Protocol stack YES
IPv6 Address Types Unicast | Multicast
IPv6 DNS Resolver YES
IPv6 DSCP remapping CoS YES
IPv6 Management IPv6 Telnet Support | IPv6 Syslog Support | IPv6 FTP support | IPv6 TFTP support
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Router Discovery | Duplicate Address Detection | Static Cache Entry | Parameter Discovery | Address Resolution | Unreachable Neighbor Detection
IPv6 Path MTU Discovery YES
IPv6 SNTP Support YES
IPv6 Telnet Support YES
Manual Configuration YES
Manual tunnel YES
MLD v1/v2 Snooping YES
Ping over IPv6 YES
Remote IPv6 Ping YES
Sflow over IPv6 YES
SNMP over IPv6 YES
SSH over IPv6 YES
trace route over IPv6 YES

Network Features

Model ECS4610-24F
Static Route YES