We are a supporting member of the OPARG group!

Since today we are a supporting member of the OPARG group, which stands for “Optical Archive Group”.

Pioneer and Mitsubishi Kagaku Media work together as the Optical Archive Group to build a framework for digital archiving, which are compliant with the JIS Z6017, that integrates high quality optical discs (BD-R and DVD-R), optical drives for recording, devices associated with disc verification and other related issues, in order to raise the quality and reliability of archiving with optical disc as well as raising compatibility by achieving advanced quality management for optical discs. The group also works to promote the benefits of optical disc archiving and encourage their widespread adoption by proposing solutions for long-term storage systems.

Oparg Objectives

  • Realizing high reliability data recording and archiving in professional optical disc field with good partnership between disc and drive manufacturers
  • Offering high reliable combination of dedicated media and drives
  • Stepping up a relationship with system solution providers
  • Applying product certification service by official organizations and complying with international standards and Japanese Industrial Standards

Essential components

  • Superior professional disc strictly examined for high reliability and long-term archiving usage
  • Superior professional drive composed of strictly selected parts to be able to measure the ditigal data error compliant with the JIS Z 6017
  • Specific scheme to identify OPARG media and OPARG drives and to provide high reliability recordings

OPARG Activities

  • Proposing solutions for long-term storage systems that are compliant with the JIS Z 6017
  • Expanding the OPARG product categories–adding “Business Archive” to existing “Professional Archive”
  • Conducting tests to raise compatibility and adopting the uniform logo symbol