Milipol Paris 2017

Milipol Paris 2017

The visit of the Milipol in Qatar was one of our greatest successes of the year 2016. We enjoyed the enormous interest that visitors had for our products. Although it has been a great success for us, we have learned a number of things we will make use of during the Milipol Paris 2017.

What can you expect from us

Seeing Is Believing. Whit this wisdom we designed our new stand layout.

  • We will bring our demo unit to the show for the first time so you will be able to fully experience our products.
  • You can expect to see captured footage from multiple sights.
  • Seeing and feeling the mechicanics of our Vehicle Inspector in real live action.
  • Get a detailed peak inside of our software. Our demo stations will be available to try our software.

Show details

To make sure you will be able to find us at the show we will just leave you a summary with all show details.

Milipol Paris 2017

Meet us at Milipol Paris 2017
Date: November 21 – 24, 2017
Stand number: S 124

Some last words

We hope to see you at the Milipol Paris 2017. Please email us to schedule an appointment or ask your questions that can’t wait untill the start of the show. Last thing. Don’t forget to ask us about our special offer during the Milipol Paris 2017!

We wish you a pleasant visit.