LTA Blu-ray Professional

Archive 250 Terabyte(TB) with this complete archiving package for professionals

The Archiveware Blu-ray storage solutions offer a particularly durable, yet low-cost solution for long-time archiving. Using media with a certified 50-plus year storage life and a custom-designed packaging and shelving system, Archiveware allows you to offload virtually unlimited amounts of data from your primary storage systems without undue expense or risk.

The LTA Blu-ray Professional package includes

  • Rimage 5410N
  • 400 spindles (25 x 25 GB)
  • Thermal printing ribbons included
  • 1000 Cases a 12 discs
  • Archiveware server

Rimage 5410N

Integrated embedded computer

The 5410N has a full-featured Windows 7 computer with an Intel® Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM enabling networking, running local applications and maximizing throughput.

Small footprint

The 5410N system is designed to tuck into tight spaces. With an embedded PC and fewer cables/connections, the 5410N provides increased data throughput, faster disc production and a reduced overall footprint.

Network connectivity

With an Ethernet connection, the networked 5410N system is as simple to use as a printer or copier.

Integrated printer

Rimage’s Everest™ 400 printer is the market’s only fully integrated 400 dpi printer, providing indelible, high-resolution images and sharp, easy-to-read text.


The three-bin carousel with optional 50-disc output bin enables three media types to run concurrently. Publish up to 8 full Blu-rays (25GB), 18 full DVD-Rs (4.7 GB) and 30 full CD-Rs (700 MB) per hour with hands-free operation.

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Maximize your ROI and minimize downtime when quick problem resolution is a must. With a range of skilled technicians and industry leading support services, Rimage has a maintenance plan that meets your needs.


The 5410N has an easy to control LCD status display. This display provides you with real-time status of discs and printer ribbons.

400 Spindles (25 x 25 GB)

Two brands of 50-plus year archiving blu-rays available

Blu-ray’s from Panasonic

The use of unique, highly reliable, inorganic (phase-change) recording layers achieves a data archiving life of 50 years.

  • LM-BRS2MQB25 – 25GB Thermal printable
  • LM-BRS5MQB25 – 50GB Thermal printable (optional)
  • Featuring 50-year archival life
  • WORM (write once Read Many)
  • 36 Mbps (1x) – 216Mbps (6x)
  • Double-protective tough Coating
  • High reliability due to drive inspection
  • TÜV certified

Blu-ray’s from Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Group

Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Group Enterprise grade discs were tested for resistant of scratch, light, water, bending and stability.

  • PSBS25RSTH – 25GB Thermal printable
  • PSBS25RSJP – 25GB Inktjet printable
  • PDBS25RDJP – 50GB Inktjet printable (optional)
  • PDBF25RTJP – 100GB Inktjet printable (optional)
  • Featuring over 200-year long term stability
  • 36Mbps (1x) to 144Mbps (4x)
  • Metal Ablative Layer (MABL)
  • WORM (write once Read Many)
  • ISO/IEC16963 certification

1000 Cases a 12 discs

Special blu-ray cases will help you keep your several blu-rays from the same archive together. Each case can hold up to 12 blu-rays. To identify the case, you can stick a label on the back of the case. This label contains text that helps you to identify the archive and a barcode which helps you finding a specific archive by scanning all barcodes with a barcode scanner.

In the LTA Blu-ray Professional package are 1000 cases included.

Archiveware server

The Archive server in the LTA Blu-ray Professional package is provided by Archive Disk.

Unlike most existing backup software and media, which are designed for short-to-medium-term disaster recovery, the Archive Disk archiving system addresses all requirements of a true long-time storage solution. By using archival-grade media, adding RAID-like data redundancy, providing data security and implementing an automated archival and restore process, Archive Disk long-time archiving offers a cost-effective and “green” way to securely store data for decades..

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